The crisp crutch of under trodden snow and coyotes yelping in the shadow of the Tetons rang in my twenty first year. I spent the … Read More ›

January 10, 2016

Twin Peaks

I spent the loveliest day up Big Cottonwood canyon getting lost in all the right ways in pursuit of the summits of the notorious Twin Peaks. … Read More ›

October 12, 2015

On Lake Como

My mountain lovin’ soul savored the scenery of Lake Como. Nestled deep in the Italian/Swiss Alps, the shores and steep hillsides of Lake Como are … Read More ›

August 4, 2015

Weekend in Burano

You know those moments in life when you just pause and think, this, this is one of those moments I never want to forget? Arriving at the … Read More ›

July 8, 2015