You read that right! I’m saying ciao, America (goodbye in Italian)! In just a couple of weeks! I will be taking up residence in the seaport city of Genoa, Italy. 64666-004-AEEF92E1

A couple months ago I decided it was about time I stop ignoring the ache within me to learn and love new cultures so I signed up for a study abroad through the University of Utah! In Genova, I will be studying film and media arts (& pizza, & pesto, & the ocean, & gelato, & Italian men).

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In mid June, I will be packing up all my best summer dresses, camera equipment, and passport to soar to Italy. I’m so excited about this adventure but also pretty nervous. We aren’t traveling as a group–we’re just expected to show up in the town square at noon on the first day of the program. So wish me luck in crossing the world by myself! Oh and, you might also want to worry about the fact that so far I know like 2 words in Italian… Ciao (bye), and uomo (man).

Genoa is one of Europe’s largest cities on the Mediterranean Sea and the largest Seaport in Italy. It is also the first place Mormon Missionaries went when they arrived in Italy! The city itself is the capital of Liguria, the coastal country (I think that they use regions the way we would use states to divvy the country). You can see where I’m talking about in the picture below. Although the city is quite large, we will be staying in and studying in the old town. Our apartment is right on the sea front. I can’t wait to walk the streets early in the morning and smell the baking pastries. I hope to be able to do some cooking themed posts while there.


While in Genova, I will be blogging on behalf of Frontier Education (the 3rd party company The U contracts with to set up the trip) and the Italian Club of Salt Lake City. The blog posts will be about the experiences of my fellow students and I as we become film makers. I get to work with the best people who love Italy and want me to love it just as much. This is an incredible opportunity and I am so glad to be doing it. This blogging scholarship has made Italy a reality for me. You can follow that blog here. Also, make sure to check out the Instagram for the trip where I will also be posting! Search @frontiered on Instagram.

I chose to study film and media arts in Italy because I want to be able to capture the splendor I see in the world and share it with others–with you. To see Italy is a dream I have always had. The culture, scenery, and people are calling my name. But for me, it is not enough to simply visit Italy, I want to experience and submerse myself in the people and the place.

I can’t wait to share this experience with you via The Posh Pine.

I wanted to do a super fun, beached themed shoot to share this dream-come-true-out-of-a-novel news with you all. I was beyond THRILLED to be able to work with the talented Cobi Dawn Photography. Check her out, book her, and love her. In that order… promptly. Because she’s amazing. Keep up with her on Instagram RIGHT HERE.




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Short/Shirt Combo: Nordstrum / / / Sunglasses: Rue 21

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