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I’m in love with New York City.

I flew into the city that never sleeps the first day of Spring Break 2016. My friend, Katherine, and I attended a Student Journalism Conference in Times Square. I spent my first day in the city just walking–I did over 12 miles of exploring! The sounds, sights and tastes of New York overwhelmed my senses. Some of my favorite moments included eating crepes in Central Park, walking the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset and shedding a few heartfelt tears at the rainy 9-11 memorial.

Now that I have visited this iconic city, all the songs and movies finally make sense. New York is a testament to human ingenuity and brilliance. While there we rubbed shoulders with elites in the broadcast journalism scene. I came home exhausted and inspired to create–to create content that rocks this Nation from New York to LA.

Below you will find a sampling of photos as well as a video I made about the trip.

The Manhattan LDS Temple–beautiful on the inside and out.
Grand Central Station!
Sunset from the top of the Rock.
Original remnants of the Twin Towers.
Deeply, deeply touched by the gravity of the 9-11 memorial.

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Author: Bradie Jill

I’m a mountain climber, filmmaker, globetrotter, lifestyle blogger, & TV personality. For as long as I can remember, I have loved all things beautiful. Whether it be words in a book, a breathtaking mountain landscape or an untold story. With this blog, I hope to bring you all of these things.

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