Most years Santa probably has me at the top of his NAUGHTY list, so the least I can do is look NICE! This day to night outfit transformation is perfect for going from afternoon work parties to evening outings.

Naughty and Nice for a daytime look…




To night…




Sweater: Wet Seal (Similar found HERE) / / / Pants: TJ Maxx (Similar found HERE) / / / Sparkling shoes: Wet Seal (Originals found HERE, but these are cute too!) / / / Night Time Shoes:  Forever Young Shoes HERE / / / Pink Gold Skirt: Twirl Dress Boutique (You can like Twirl on Facebook HERE or follow them on Instagram HERE. I suggest you do both so you can see what’s new in the store instantaneously!) / / / Photographer: Brit Nicole Photography

I have been looking forward to sharing this outfit with you all for the longest time for two reasons. The first: I love sparkles. The holidays are like a free pass to wear as many sparkles as you want and not look like you belong at a tween dance recital. And the second reason being because I get to spill the beans about one of my favorite stores: Twirl Dress BoutiqueTwirl sits at the top of my list because they’re all about being modest and classy without making you feel frumpy.

This lovely skirt came from Twirl as did several other fabulous new additions to my wardrobe. I was in shoppaholic heaven at Twirl and if there’s a seven step program that involves giving up Twirl, I don’t want any part of it! So, moral of the story: you must drop into Twirl on your next search for the perfect party outfit, formal dress, or hard earned splurge.


Also, can I get a round of applause for these beautiful images? I reached out to Brit Nicole Photography doubting that a talented and busy lady like her would ever have the time to reply to my email — but she did! And I am so grateful for that. If you’re looking for someone incredibly talented, local, and sweet as can be, to capture some of your memories, Brit is your gal. You can follow her on Instagram right HERE!

Author: Bradie Jill

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