On Lake Como

My mountain lovin’ soul savored the scenery of Lake Como. Nestled deep in the Italian/Swiss Alps, the shores and steep hillsides of Lake Como are … Read More ›

August 4, 2015

Weekend in Burano

You know those moments in life when you just pause and think, this, this is one of those moments I never want to forget? Arriving at the … Read More ›

July 8, 2015

Garden Soiree

Garden party is the name, croquet is the game. Last nights Garden Party was “simply unforgettable.” The ambiance, cucumber sandwiches, and dapper dress code made for … Read More ›

May 26, 2015

Red Rock Rehab

The past few years I have developed an addiction. My addiction is hard to talk about. It has led to me giving up important relationships … Read More ›

May 4, 2015