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by Bradie Jill

Sister Jones


Today I have decided to share with you an aspect of my life that I have been keeping, for the most part, to myself… my mission.

image1Over the course of the last several months, I was called, set apart and began serving as a part time missionary on Temple Square. It has been the greatest blessing for my life.

Originally, I had desired to keep this experience private and to quietly cherish my time there while keeping y’all up to date on the other aspects of my busy life. But, as I have served, it has become clear to me that I simply cannot contain the experiences I am having to my own personal study journal. They need to be shared… Of this I am sure.

I was assigned to labor in the Conference Center. Weekly, it is my privilege to give tours of this beautiful building to people from all over the world. I have seen the soft and permanent spiritual presence of that building touch the hearts of people from the farthest reaches of the world, faithful local members, and myself every time it is my privilege to serve.

The words of the blessing I was given when I was set apart for this purpose calmed my troubled heart and gave me the direction and purpose I needed to hear to know how I am to go and do the Lord’s work. I know that the Lord took a look at the work I am trying to accomplish here on this earth and he gave me an assignment that will both allow me to grow closer to him while pursuing the other worthy goals I have set through his companionship. I can truly say that he is aware of each of us. He knows the concerns of our hearts and He will set us on the pathway to goodness if we will only yield to his simple commandments.

I want to use this blog and really every outlet and source of talent the Lord has blessed me with, to praise him and uplift and inspire all who take a moment to read my little thoughts. I hope that’s okay with you.

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