My weekend was devoted to my ‘bear necessities’ and it was divine. The ‘bear necessities’ include: mountain roads, Yellowstone/Tetons, my camp family, and of course BEARS!

My parents and I packed up the car and ran away to Neverland (Camp Loll) for Staff Alumni Weekend. For years, my family has been involved in the scouting program through the BSA. Camp Loll, where my mom and I both worked on staff and my dad went as a scout, is like a home for us. Camp Loll is situated just outside of Ashton, ID on Grassy Lake Road. It straddles the border of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park. Every year we spend a weekend on Lake of the Woods.

Current/former Camp Loll staff and their families. I’m a dot on the far left.

During Alumni weekend, we swim in the freezing lake, repel, shoot bow and arrows, look through old scrapbooks and sing camp songs.

The repelling master (my dad) and I about to walk off a cliff.
Can I get a ‘dat booty tho!’?

IMG_20150806_223032 IMG_20150806_223011 IMG_20150806_222946 IMG_20150806_222916

After you've finished your decent, you're asked "Who's the man?" And of course, the only appropriate response is a resounding "I'm the man!"
After you’ve finished your decent, you’re asked “Who’s the man?” And of course, the only appropriate response is a resounding “I’m the man!”
The fire bowl--where the magic of Camp Loll is truly made.
The fire bowl–where the magic of Camp Loll is truly made.
I’m so proud to have once stood as part of this fine group.
The commissary: where I was assigned to work at camp. Each week we would prepare meals for hundreds of hungry little boy scouts.

IMG_20150801_203737 IMG_20150801_202416 IMG_20150801_175818

Polar Bear Springs--where many a boy have become men.
Polar Bear Springs–where many a boy have become men.

Following church in the woods (just imagine sacrament over looking a beautiful mountain lake), we packed up and left Camp Loll bound for Yellowstone! Dad and I decided to conquer the Mount Washburn Trail. It’s a 3 mile trail that gains serious elevation as it winds through prime bear habitat. That being said, you’ll never guess what happened….


Uhhm yeah, that black dot? Only a 1,000 lbs black bear. Dad and I are just hiking along and it just pops up on the trail right in front of us! It was a dream come true!


I can’t really describe how it felt… but it was amazing.

After the bear had bumbled around the corner, we went and looked where it had hopped onto the trail. This is being a major bear ‘fan girl.’

IMG_20150802_194958 IMG_20150802_192354 IMG_20150802_182257It has been YEARS since we last went to a Bar J show in Jackson Hole. So, I insisted that it happen this year! If you’re planning a trip to Jackson in the near future, this act is a must see! Now, I know I might get some flack for this, but while I was in Italy, I really missed Western Culture. It was while I was there that I made plans to go to Bar J. I guess you can take the country girl out of the country but not the country out of the girl.

Plus, I’ll do anything for an excuse to wear my boots.

IMG_20150803_181055 IMG_20150804_085938 IMG_20150804_090018

Ah, my Teton obsession.. I don’t think it’s curable… And I’m okay with that.  See below.

PANO_20150804_093621 IMG_20150803_150209

Instead of taking our traditional route back to Utah through Star Valley, we decided to detour and hit the Wind Rivers! Why has it taken me so long to visit this mountain range? I’m in love with it already. IMG_20150804_144913 IMG_20150804_151635 IMG_20150804_150642

I think I'll just stay here. Forever.
I think I’ll just stay here. Forever.

PANO_20150804_150120 IMG_20150804_150116

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  1. I remember visiting your mom at Camp Loll the year after Paul and I were married. There were huge forest fires in Yellowstone, so I didn’t know if they’d even let us near enough to see her. But they did. We ate dinner with the scouts, and then sat in her tent, reading Calvin & Hobbes and laughing. Such a fond memory!

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