Murano: A small island not far from Venice, famous for it’s glass production.
Vibrant little Burano.
Heaven: It’s what’s for breakfast.
Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy
Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy.
Isola Di San Michele: Isle of the dead, Venice, Italy. This entire island is a cemetery off the coast of Venice in the Italian Riviera.
My traveling companions looking gorgeous waiting for the waterbus.

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Burano, Venice, ItalyYou know those moments in life when you just pause and think, this, this is one of those moments I never want to forget? Arriving at the quaint and colorful island of Burano around 8:30pm was one of the moments for me. The crowds of tourist had cleared out for the day and the only noise came from the water lapping on the stone shores and the cheerful laughter from the nearby restaurants. The island was enchanting. I will return to it someday. If you are planning on visiting Venice, make the tiny island of Burano a priority!

I’ve also included a couple pictures from my travels to Venice and Murano.

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